Do drivers with epilepsy have higher rates of motor vehicle accidents than those without epilepsy?

Highlights MVAs were 26 times more likely to occur with drivers with other medical conditions compared to DWE. When DWE self-reported MVA occurrences, there was no increase in expected MVA rates. When MVA rates in DWE were ascertained by objective measures, rates were doubled from expected. Adjusting MVA rates in DWE using ‘miles driven’ would…

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Epilepsy: Neurological Disorder

Believe it or not, epilepsy is the fourth most common neurological disorder, causing seizures that vary in scale, severity, and in the age of the individuals that experience them. Dr. Bruno Gallo specializes in treating epilepsy along with numerous other neurological disorders. Essentially known as a “seizure disorder,” epilepsy can develop in any person and…

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When should I get DBS or can I wait for Stem Cell Therapy?

Parkinson’s patients all want to know when they should get DBS (deep brain stimulation) therapy. When will stem cell or gene therapy become available? And finally, should they wait? “Years ago such treatments were the stuff of science fiction and Hollywood horror movies, but deep brain stimulation as a treatment for Parkinson’s disease is real…

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Practice Update: Review of Anticonvulsant Therapy

Written by: Derek J. Chong & Andrew M. Lerman Since 2010, the Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of four new anti-epilepsy drugs (AEDs) for the treatment of epilepsy in the USA: clobazam (Onfi), ezogabine (Potiga), perampanel (Fycompa), and eslicarbazepine (Aptiom) as well as two extended release formulations, topiramate ER (Qudexy XR and Trokendi) and oxcarbazepine ER (Oxtellar). This…

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