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higgins I was trained as a General Surgeon, with Board Certification. I practiced for a decade only partially aware of the importance of lifestyle on health. For sure all things being equal, surgeons know that a well nourished patient does better in surgery. But that was it.

Then, I became involved with Miami-Dade Public Schools. I realized the power of, “why”. Seeing that most, if not all, kids knew that broccoli is more healthy than ice cream, the question became: “Then, why do they largely choose ice cream?” The answer? Yes, sugar tastes better, but they do not know WHY broccoli is more healthy, or what happens in their bodies in response to ice cream, candy, pizza, chocolate, Coke, on-and-on…

I decided to take the power of why into a practice of Nutritional Medicine & Wellness. Bringing the answer to, “why?” to the patients that so urgently (and not so urgently) need to learn it, is my passion. I hope the fruit of this will be less chronic disease (Neurodegenerative, RA, Type 2 DM and Cancer on the long list).

My practice opened on July 1, 2015. I hope to help the ill focus on healthy, custom, detailed lifestyle changes and help the healthy, future ill, stay and become more healthy. As part of this endeavor, I have started a blog (nutrition&wellness) to address what colleagues and patients would like to know more about. Stay tuned!

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