Eileen Higgins, MD, FACS

Push Button - Easy, 3d rendered image , isolated image , computer generated image.It was a beautiful day. The high school track team was finishing up a great work out. I thought it fantastic the training this group of young athletes had just finished. Then …

out of nowhere, comes this huge box of Krispy Kreme Donuts! “Wait! What are you doing?!” I screamed inside my head. This is the culture, the concept of reward. Would a tub of peeled mandarins have been so bad? Not if that’s what they were used to since very young. Not if there’s always a bowl of fresh fruit, instead of chocolates, on the kitchen counter in the home. I wonder why the training of these teams stops when the kids walk off the field.

But easy sells. It is much easier to buy a box of donuts and give it to the team, the class, office co-workers, whomever, rather than washing berries to make a berry salad, peeling oranges, slicing melons … then figuring out the plates, utensils. Ya, just easier to serve the poison. Now, don’t think me ungrateful, rude, bad-mannered. I appreciate the effort, but really … nothing at all would be better than what is usually presented.

Another example of “easy”: I brought one of those, “steam in the bag” bag of vegetables to the produce manager in the grocery store. I asked if he knew what the bag was made of. “Um, plastic?” he answered. I asked, “What do you think happens when we heat it in the microwave?” A sudden look of realization came over his face before he said, “Yes, but it’s easy.” Ok, no thanks.

Please don’t infiltrate your veggies with heated plastic because it’s easier to cook them that way! The corporate exec that came up with that half-baked idea was NOT thinking of your health and probably got promoted. Even though easy sells, think about what you’re doing.

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