Telehealth is Here!

Telehealth is Here!

For established patients, who have difficulty taking time off from work, homemaking, kids’ activities or other pressing engagements, First Choice Neurology has launched the TeleHealth system which allows them to conference from their desktop or mobile device directly with their Neurologists.

This mobile platform is also great for travelers, vacationers, “snowbirds”, and overseas residents.

Patients can experience their visit from the convenience of their iPhone, android, iPad, tablet, or any office /home computer. No more canceling an entire afternoon to drive in traffic, search for parking, and sit in a waiting room.

TeleHealth is easy to schedule. The appointment time will be assigned just like any other office visit, but in TeleHealth mode. The software will thus access the doctor’s desk-top camera and microphone precisely at the time of the encounter. Patient must have either a webcam on their laptop/desktop, Tablet with a camera, or smartphone with a camera to communicate with the physician.

Prior to the virtual visit, the patient must download the “Healow” App if using a tablet or smartphone or log into their patient portal account if using their laptop/desktop which enables connection to the doctor’s computer screen. Complete instructions will be provided prior to your appointment.

Like any other visit, the assessment includes comprehensive history, discussion of relevant signs and symptoms, test results, direct visualization of patient activity, response to treatment, and additional care. Prescriptions are sent electronically, which can also include controlled scheduled drugs.

Commercial insurance companies view this visit as a face-to-face encounter, so reimbursement is the same as that of any other medical appointment. Co-pays and deductibles are applicable. Medicare, unfortunately restrict this service to certain service areas in the United State.

Dr. Jeff Gelblum, one of the members of First Choice Neurology who has spearheaded this technology, finds that more and more of his patients are choosing TeleHealth for their routine follow-up visits. “I have numerous patients who have difficulty taking time off from their busy schedule to come to the office. The TeleHealth App brings the doctor to them,” says Dr. Gelblum.

“TeleHealth also improves clinical outcomes as problems of lapsed care and non-compliance are reduced,” reports Dr. Gelblum. “This platform allows quick follow-up so that important treatment can be implemented quickly — overall this constitutes a significant advance in medical practice.”

Patient co-pays and deductible fees are collected via credit card ahead of time. To discourage patient no-shows, a cancellation charge gets billed to the patient for failing to log-on.

To maintain successful encounters, the doctor must run on time — which is always appreciated by the patients. That’s why Dr. Gelblum schedules his TeleHealth visits in 20-minute increments from 4:00-5:00 PM, when office traffic has slowed down.

Dr. Gelblum does not utilize TeleHealth for initial consultations. “Our digital interface still hasn’t figured out how to elicit a knee reflex, listen to a carotid artery obstruction, or conduct a careful retinal exam. But for most aspects of a routine follow-up encounter on a stable patient — epilepsy, migraine, low back pain, neuropathy — TeleHealth works just great. The patient convenience factor can’t be beat.”

If you would like more information about Telehealth Medicine please feel free to contact your provider or neurologydocs@fcneurology.net

Healow App can be found in the: